Valentine; ode to friends

It is that time again. Today is Valentine! For some a day they prefer to sit in a dark corner, for others a day they have been looking forward to. Anyway, once a year we have to believe it again. Although we personally believe that Valentine’s Day is too commercial and it is much more romantic to receive a declaration of love on one of the other 364 days of the year, it also has something. It’s about the gesture, right? 😉

This Valentine, our friends are the center of attention for us. They deserve that. For real. Too much of something can never be good, like eating too much chocolate or drinking too much alcohol, but there is no such thing as spending too much time with your best friend (s). Best friends are simply the ones who make you who you are. They are the ones that you can have next to you 24/7 without getting bored. They’re the ones you can laugh with, really laugh out loud about anything (or just nothing). They’re the ones who are always there for you no matter what, even when you’re sure you don’t need them (but you always have). You can tell them anything, even the things we are afraid to say out loud or things we are afraid to admit to ourselves. Just think of all the dirty littlesecrets that you share with your best friend (s). While we can’t always be with them, we always carry them with us. No matter how many ups and downs we have, they make life beautiful. As we get older we learn that girlfriends come and go, but best friends are the ones you should never let go of. You have made promises to each other, some spoken out loud, others promised tacitly. These promises will therefore be discussed in the next DIY.

Valentine DIY
Long live Pinterest, because Pinterest gave us this fun idea. The original idea is to turn a deck into a booklet with 52 reasons why you love someone. Now neither of us have a boyfriend, meh. So we have adapted this nice idea a bit. This year with Valentine we put our dearest friends in the limelight. We have made a booklet with ’52 promises I make you today ‘. It contains sweet, funny and crazy promises that we make to our friends.

Below pictures of the process and of course the supplies:
* Playing cards
* Glue, of course
* Binding rings or ribbon (our binding rings come from , they are the rings of 30 mm)
* Possible stickers to decorate your booklet
* Available for a printer
* Paper cutter (optional)
* Scissors
* And finally a dose of inspiration for the promises you will make to your girlfriend (or boyfriend)


Step 1:
In PowerPoint you can easily create the patterns that we eventually used to stick on the playing cards. Select at ‘insert’ shapes and then choose the ’rounded rectangle’. You can format it as you like it yourself. In this form you eventually add a text box, where you can type the 52 promises. Choose a nice font and you’re done.

Step 2:
After printing your promises you can start cutting. We first cut a large part and then cut the small edges.

Step 3:
When everything is neatly cut out, place the game cards in order as you would like them in your booklet. Then the bonding can begin. The photo of the supplies shows that we wanted to use desk glue, but afterwards a pritt pen turned out to work best.

Step 4: You can
then start perforating the game cards, so that the binding rings (or ribbon) can eventually be pulled through. Then your booklet with promises is complete!

Now we will of course only post this article on Valentine’s Day itself, so it is probably too late for you to implement this idea. But on a birthday, an anniversary or just like that, this is also very nice to give. Trust us.

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