Times Square New York – Make the most out of your trip

Regardless of how many times you have been, or which sites you have seen in the past, when visiting NYC, Times Square New York is a hot spot everyone wishes to visit. With much to do, an influx of people from all over the world, and sites to see, you won’t be disappointed if it is your first time, and if you are a repeat visitor, it is likely you know most of the great things which the area has to offer to travelers, as well as to locals alike.

Venues & Clubs –
Times Square NYC probably has more night clubs than any other city in the US, or major metro in the world for that matter. Regardless of the type of music you like, or what type of scene you are into, there is something for you. Sports arenas, bars, musical theater, music bars, and so much more. Simply name the theme, and you can find something to do when visiting the area.

Broadway –
For the theater lover in you, why not visit the most famous theater in the world when you are in town? Not only is there a show going on nearly every night of the year, but the biggest names, actors and actresses on stage, come to do their work on Broadway. So, not only are you going to catch a must see show, you are going to see the work done by those who are the top of their craft, and have been hailed as the premier stage actors for the work they are doing.

Performing arts –
It doesn’t stop with the theater and live shows, there are new acts and venues for you to see on a nightly basis when you are in this area of NYC as well. Forbidden Broadway, The Town Hall, Urban, and Sage Theater, are a few of the better known venues in the area, to name a few. For live music, for new acts, and for new talent in the city, you can find it at any of these venues, as well as other local theaters or centers for performing arts when you are visiting.

Exhibits/ Museums –
If you prefer doing something which involves more viewing, and enjoying art pieces, rather than actually taking part in the show or the action, then Times Square is also going to have a number of these great venues for you to visit while you are in the city as well. Watch the NYE ball drop if you are visiting at the end of the year. Or, if you want to catch one of the major talk shows, you can do so at the many different studios, including NBC, ABC, and other major studios which are in the city. Caroline’s on Broadway is the premier spot for you to visit if you want to catch a comedy show while in town, to check out some of the most well known names in comedy.

Family Fun –
If you have kids, and are visiting with family, there are a number of great activities to do as well, on a daily basis. In addition to the many side and street shows you will see just walking down the sidewalk, there are also several destinations you can visit when you are in NY. Visit the Museum of Architecture, take in a talk show, or visit one of the many fine dining establishments which the city has to offer. No matter how old your kids are, or how many people you are traveling with, you can do it all when you are visiting New York Times Square.

Dining –
Italian, Fine Dining, American, Mexican, Brazilian, or nearly any other world cuisine you can think of, will all be found when visiting this melting pot. With Little Italy, Little China, and nearly any other county which you can think of lurking around the side streets, you can visit some of the most well known names and dining establishments in the world, or you can visit a hole in the wall dive bar, to enjoy a great meal. No matter what you want to enjoy, or how much you want to spend when dining out, you can find it all in NY, and you are going to find it to be prepared by the most well known names and chefs in the world, as everyone wants to dine in NYC.

Sports Fan? –
Why not visit the world’s most famous arena when you are in Manhattan Times Square ? Madison Square Garden is home to the Knicks, as well as major NHL team the Rangers. In addition to sports, you can catch live concerts, shows, musicals, and so much more when a stage goes up in the venue as well. If there are no sports going on for the night, you can at least visit and take a tour of the arena, as guided tours are provided to visitors, as it is known as the most famous arena in the world. So, if you love sports, or if you just love history, make sure to visit this premier destination, and one of the most well known addresses not only in NYC, but in the world.

There is something for everyone to do when they are in NY; especially when visiting the mecca of the city. So, if you are in Times Square Manhattan, whether you are traveling for the first time, or a repeat visitor, there are so many things for you to do, take in, and to see while you are visiting. The Statute of Liberty, Coney Island, Yankee Stadium, and all the above venues, are only a few of the things you will find. Tie this in with all the local favorite hot spots and things to do, you won’t have enough time to see it all when you visit.

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