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You’ve probably heard about it, a Polaroid camera. For my birthday I got a polaroid camera from Hema ; it’s the Fujifilm Instax Camera mini 8 to be precise. Something that I really wanted for a long time! What I like about the camera is that you only have 1 copy of the photo. I also like that when you take a photo, it is immediately printed on photo paper.

My experience
I have had the camera since November, at first I was not sure what kind of pictures to take with it. Fortunately, I am now packed with inspiration. The last few weeks I have taken different types of photos, so I was able to test the camera properly. What I find very useful is that the camera is super easy to operate. You put batteries in it and a cassette at the back (which can also be purchased at Hema). And that’s it! The cassettes are very difficult to obtain VAT, they are often sold out. My tip to you is to buy several at the same time.

Next to the lens is a button that you can use to turn the camera on. At the top of the lens are different modes: interior lighting, cloudy, sunny, very sunny and high key. The camera itself indicates which mode is best with a red light, by turning the lens you can switch between the different modes. On the other side of the lens is another button and you can take the photo with it. When you have taken the photo, it takes about 5 minutes for the photo to appear on the photo paper.
So this week I took a number of photos and I found out what the different modes do with your photo. The pictures below show this, both pictures were taken at the same time from the same place of the sky.

I took the bottom photo with the ‘interior lighting’ position. The top photo was taken with the setting ‘very sunny’, while the camera itself indicated ‘sunny’ (yes, I’m stubborn). So you can clearly see the difference between these two photos. Now I ran into 1 problem: where should I keep all these photos? Fortunately my dear sister had a solution for this. Last Christmas I received a special magnetic cord from her where I can easily hang the photos with magnets.

Hema’s polaroid camera is great to use, takes beautiful photos and is great to take with you on the go. It is also just a beautiful thing! So I am very satisfied with this camera and I am really very happy with it! Do you have such a camera and what do you think? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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