Jewelry from Beautiful Bijoux

Nowadays jewelry is available for every budget, making it accessible to everyone. Jewelry makes you more beautiful, you actually ‘decorate’ yourself and that way you appear neat and tidy. Personally, I think it’s great that you can express yourself through jewelry, it tells something about your taste and indirectly tells something about who you are. Since jewelry is available in so many different sizes, shapes and colors, you can vary endlessly. In any case, I can’t get enough! This is the reason that I could not resist the temptation to order something through the Beautiful Bijoux webshop . Read on if you are curious about what I have bought and what I think of the webshop.

The jewelry from my order
My order was delivered very quickly, which is an advantage for someone who prefers not to wait too long for a package, haha ​​😉. When opening my package, I was pleasantly surprised by how it was packed. I was very happy about this spontaneously. Everything was packed in nice boxes with a bow that you can see in the pictures below. Despite the fact that I selected my order myself, it still felt like a surprise.

As you may already see, I mainly bought smaller earrings. I didn’t have much of it here at all. In addition, there are also three very nice bracelets with my order! What I also really like about this webshop is that they add a gift to every order. My present was an extra pair of earrings, which I also happen to like a lot (the middle pair of ‘snowflakes’ in the 4th photo). Below is a close-up of the beautiful gems that I have purchased.

Beautiful Bijoux has at least a new fan! They have beautiful, affordable jewelry according to the latest trends and I will probably place an order here more often. I definitely recommend you to take a look at this webshop, if you have not already done so of course 😉. Have you ever ordered something from Beautiful Bijoux? What do you think of the jewelry? Let me know in the comments!

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