Gap introduces the most sustainable collection to date

The US retailer Gap has launched the most sustainable capsule collection to date, which includes daily necessities for adults, teenagers, children and babyGap.

The “Generation Good” capsule is based on the brand’s Gap for Good commitment in 2016. It uses less water and more sustainable materials, is made of organic and recycled fabrics, and uses less waste. It is manufactured with less water, lower emissions and better materials, while supporting the plans of its employees.

Gap emphasized that the series demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable development journey by promoting change through “carefully crafted and responsibly sourced” products. To this end, it stated that it needs to re-root the brand through the well-tested favorite brands-jeans and T-shirts. Gap introduces the most sustainable collection to date

Gap said in the press release: “We are fascinated by fabrics, details and quality.” “Whether it is in your closet or in someone else’s closet, every piece can last a lifetime. We are proud to purchase and reduce.”

Since 2019, Gap has used 5% denim recycled cotton and 100% organic cotton for children and babies, and 100% recycled nylon in selected outerwear.

In addition to the “Generation Good” series, Gap also introduced five exclusive denim styles as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign challenge, which is Gap’s most sustainable denim series to date.

Gap introduces the most sustainable collection to date
Gap added that the series is 100% derived from natural fibers and is “re-manufactured.” Gap added that they used a lot of knowledge about circular and sustainable design to make the larger “Generation Good” capsule a reality.

The denim styles produced in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation are part of the Gap Washwell program, which uses 20% less water than standard cleaning and uses certified zero-hazardous chemicals. Made of emission standard chemical substances. Gap introduces the most sustainable collection to date

In addition, Gap added that each denim style is designed with removable hardware, so it can be completely recycled.

Currently, 91% of Gap denim is part of its water-saving Washwell plan, which is better than the 75% target initially set in 2021.

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