Travel (In NYC)

Travelling within the city itself can be done in many ways. Most major cities and country towns alike are quite different when it comes to the preferred method of moving oneself around in city. New York residents prefer the public transportation system. In fact, over half of the residents of this, one of the largest cities in the world, do not drive a vehicle of their own on a daily basis. What makes that unique in reference to New York, is that one third of all mass transportation users in the country lives in New York City or one of its suburbs. This is different from the rest of America, where nine out of ten people drive an automobile of some sort to work daily.

Amtrak serves the city with its rail service, so if anyone is seeking to take a trip out of the city. It offers trips and connections in city from Boston to DC, and long distance travel to Montreal, New Orleans, and Chicago. It truly is a connection to all points in this country. Over 200,000 buses serve the city, operating out of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. New York has the largest group of buses and public rails in the entire country, making it a travel plaza of epic proportions.

Almost a full quarter of the city is either pedestrians, or one of the numerous bicyclists you will definitely come across. This earns them the distinction of being the most energy conscious city in the states, due to the nature of individual forms of transit. Take a trip down to Central Park, and you will see plenty of aid walkers and bicyclists in action.

The most massive subway world wide is contained within the city as well, with nearly 500 station terminals. One cannot, also, forget the ever popular taxis coursing through the city. Whichever way you desire to travel within the city, you will definitely find it.

New York City, New York Travel & Visitors Guide

New York City is the largest city in the United States. Having that stature you know that everything you could want in a vacation spot is right here. Home to over 17 million people and millions of travelers each year, New York City is an exciting place every day. You …

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