Turn Men’s Heads – Beauty Tips for Your Face

Turn Men's Heads - Beauty Tips for Your Face

Five Beauty Tips for Your Face It’s not always easy to maintain your beauty regimen. Modern life is filled with distractions, and it feels like the most valuable thing we have – time – is one thing that’s hardest to save! Life, work, and other responsibilities often get in the …

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Beauty Tips for Unwanted Facial Hair

Beauty Tips for Face – Facial Hair Beauty Tips for FaceRemoving unwanted facial hair can be done easily, or with significant effort. Plucking, shaving, waxing and depilatories are some of the techniques used to remove unwanted hair on the face. Many are techniques you can use at home. Some require …

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Beauty Tips – How to Wear Eye Make-up

Beauty Tips for Face My Beauty Tips for FaceApplying eye makeup doesn’t have to be difficult. Applying it appropriately, however, is very important. Your eyes are the focus of your entire face. Follow my beauty tips for your face and eyes to look fresh, young, and ready to face the …

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Cosmeceuticals – where cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are found

What they are and what you need to know Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics that also have pharmaceutical properties. Dandruff shampoo is a great example of a cosmetolytic, as it has a cosmetic purpose – cleansing hair – and a therapy – eliminating dandruff. Other examples of cosmetolytic products are a makeup …

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Nine weight loss mistakes

The nine most common problems when trying to lose weight If you are on a fitness or dieting program, then you know how hard it is to quit. In fact, most people leave it after a few sessions. Why is this? There are a ton of excuses if you ask …

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StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier

Today we have a review about a new gadget for you, the StylPro. On Facebook we saw a sponsored advertisement of the StylPro, after which we immediately became very curious. Many of you, like us, probably have struggles with cleaning your makeup brushes. With the help of the StylPro it …

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