All About New York

Hailed as one of the greatest cities in the world, and also one of the largest, New York stands as a beacon of western culture. It is an epicenter of American culture, and a meeting place of world wide cultural explosions. Compared by many private and professional alike to the ancient city of Rome, no other epicenter of intersecting cultures and base of world events and history has existed in such a similar fashion since them ancient days.

Situated in the south eastern side of the main state of New York, New York City borders very close to the neighboring state of New Jersey. Geographically, or more accurate, approximately it resides half way between the capital of Washington, DC, and the city of Boston. Much of the city’s land has been extremely altered and affected by human intervention Many land reclamation projects over the years have increased the land area of the city itself, and restored the natural surroundings as well.

With a subtropical climate, New York can get very humid, but no more so than other cities in its same geographical classification. Summers tend to be the most humid of all seasons, even more so than the typical spring time. Uniquely situated as well within the city, are a grouping of “regions” or Boroughs. These neighborhoods intersect culturally, and economically, and all add to the character and online games for girls reputation of the city itself. The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten island all combine to become part of one of the largest cities in the world. Each with a separate identity, but a communal history.

Combined, the five boroughs contain almost half of the population of the entire state. There is definitely no lack of, or inability to express ones self and fulfill your desires in such a large, encompassing city.

Coalco New York – A Leader in Clean Coal Technology

A promising early-stage environmental company designed to clean up pollution caused by coal, The Coal Company of New York (Coalco New York) focuses a large portion of its business on clean coal technology. Although it is a common energy source, coal currently stands as one of the least environmentally friendly …

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