Broadway Tickets And Shows – Can you find discounted tickets?

Purchasing Broadway tickets and shows online, prior to the date of your show, is probably the best way for you to find a good deal. If you know which show you wish to see, as the schedule is set at least a few months in advance, you can go online, and purchase in advance. But, there are some shows which are going to sell out quickly, due to the nature of the show, as well as the actors who are slated to premier. When big names come into town, and when some of the most famous actors are in town for a show, can you find low price deals for a show, or get tickets when they are sold out? It is possible if you know where to go.
Although it is illegal in some areas, people still sell tickets they bought in advance for some big shows. If you can find a scalper who is willing to sell you a ticket, for a reasonable price, you can see some of the biggest names in theater. Further, some of these tickets are going to go for thousands of dollars online, especially if it is a one time only performance; so, these might be the only options you have, when it comes to buying tickets for some shows.

Trade sites –
There are ticketing trading sites you can use. These are typically for people who can’t go one night, for some reason, but still want to see a show. They allow you to trade tickets with someone who has also purchased seats, and is willing to trade dates with you. Sometimes you can find people who can’t find a trader, so they will sell their tickets for a deep discount price. If this is the case, not only can you get a ticket or tickets to some of the biggest shows, which are sold out, you can find them for lower prices than you will through other online sites selling tickets. So, visit a few of these sites, shop around, and find out where to go when you need a ticket for a show.

Visit the theater –
Sure, you will likely pay more if you buy directly from the theater, but you can still find tickets; plus, you know they are legitimate and are not fake tickets which you are buying. If you choose to do this, make sure you go in a few days in advance, especially if it is a big show. So, you will find tickets, and you know they are going to guarantee you access to the doors on show night, when you want to see a particular play live.

Major ticket sellers –
Ticketmaster, Stub Hub, and other major sites also sell tickets to Broadway shows. If you can’t find them elsewhere, or if you simply want to be 100% sure they are not fake tickets, these are a few of the sites you can go through when buying second hand tickets. If a show is sold out, you are going to pay more for it; but, this is the ideal way to find the tickets, when you can’t find them elsewhere. If you have tried all other options, or have exhausted other online sites, you may want to go to a few of these sites, see how many tickets are left, and do some comparison shopping, so as to find the best deal for a show.

Third party sites –
You would be surprised what sites like Craigslist and other listing posts have available. In fact, these are sites you might not consider, but are typically the best place to find lower prices on tickets you wish to buy. It is a bit of a stretch, as many posts are fake on these sites, but if you do find a legitimate seller, and if you know what you are getting, you can sometimes find a deep discount on tickets. Since many people selling on these sites can’t go, they are willing to take a loss on the ticket, and sell for less than they purchased, rather than lose the entire price they paid. So, wait it out, if you can’t find tickets elsewhere, and try this option for a potential big deal on the classified ad sites.

Try eBay –
You can buy more than just clothes, or other goods on eBay; in fact, there is a site which is dedicated to ticket selling and other similar services. If you are looking for legitimate tickets, and hope you can find a good deal on them, there is always the option to bid on them. Some of the sellers will list a reserve price, and will not sell for below this price; some will also list a buy it now price, so if you wish to ensure you get the tickets for sure, this is an option which you might want to explore if you buy through the site. Regardless, some sellers will also sell at deep discount and will wait until one or two days prior to the show to list, in order to ensure they sell them for sure. So, you might have to out bid other potential buyers, but you know you are getting legitimate tickets, and you can sometimes find a great deal when you choose this route to buy them online as well.

If you need Broadway tickets and shows information, or if you simply wish to find great deals and discounts on tickets, these are some of the ways in which you can buy the tickets to the shows which you wish to see. Because many shows do sell out quickly, you have to know when the show is playing, and you should begin your research well in advance. Doing so is the best way to know you are getting a ticket, and won’t overpay for it.

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