Beauty Tips – How to Wear Eye Make-up

Beauty Tips for Face
My Beauty Tips for FaceApplying eye makeup doesn’t have to be difficult. Applying it appropriately, however, is very important. Your eyes are the focus of your entire face. Follow my beauty tips for your face and eyes to look fresh, young, and ready to face the day, all day long.

Line Your Eyes

Make sure any dry skin around your eyes has been moisturized. Line your eyes with brown or soft black liner. Use gentle strokes across your upper eyelid, moving toward the outside corner for an appealing look. An angle brush is good for blending, and for a more natural look dip it first in eye shadow of a darker shade. Use a small amount, or simply use the applicator tip. Finally, use a small amount of eye shadow on the outer corner of the bottom lid. Properly lined eyes are the foundation of good eye makeup. Take the time to line before you start applying any other products to your eyes and the area around them.

Apply Eye Shadow

A package of eye shadow generally includes 2-3 colors. The lighter color is for your eyelid, and the darker color is for the crease on the lid, just below the top of your eye socket. Start by applying the lighter tone to the lid, spreading up toward the crease using the applicator that came with the package. Use your eye shadow brush for the darker color. Dip it into the color, tap the brush to remove the excess, and apply inside the crease of the eye. Look straight ahead to see the crease as you’re working, blending the color toward the outside corner of your eye. The third and lightest color in the package is for your brow bone, the area just under your eyebrow. Use the large eye shadow brush to blend the colors.

Apply Eyebrow Pencil

Choose an eyebrow pencil color that is close to your own eyebrow color. This will help the application look natural, blending in with your existing eyebrow line. You’ll be using the pencil to fill in areas that need shaping or emphasizing, applying a natural-looking arch to your eyebrows. If you’re not sure about how to arch your eyebrows, visit a professional to help you. Their shape is very important, and should match your face. A stylist will know the best shape to choose, and will help you learn how to use the eyebrow pencil and maintain your eyebrows. Finally, use light strokes with an angled brush to blend everything together for a smooth, natural look.

My Beauty Tips for FaceUse An Eyelash Curler

Before you apply any mascara, use an eyelash curler to give your eyelashes length and curve. An eyebrow curler looks like a small set of pinchers, usually silver, with curved pads on the end for crimping your lashes. There are many different brands available, and they’re not expensive. Clean the pads on your eyelash curler before using it. There may be clumps of makeup or other debris from previous use, and these can become caught in your lashes, clumping or tangling them. In a pinch, you can also use an old mascara brush as an inexpensive eyelash curler. Make sure to clean it completely before using it.

Apply Mascara

There are very many different types of mascara available, and they serve a number of different purposes. If you have short eyelashes, choose a brand that adds length. If you have very thin eyelashes, choose a brand that adds thickness. This type is often labeled ‘volumizing’. Don’t pump the applicator in and out of the bottle before using, as this will cause bubbles to cling to the tip. Dip the brush in once, and wipe off the excess. Look down and apply the mascara to your lashes with an upward stroke, starting on the inside and working toward the outside. Complete the top lashes of both eyes and wait a few moments for the mascara to dry. After waiting, apply mascara to the bottom lashes. To help your eyes look ‘open’, apply mascara to the outer edge of your lower lashes.

It’s not difficult to learn how to wear eye makeup, and with practice you’ll get better at it. Take the time to do your eyes correctly, and follow my beauty tips for your face and eyes. You’ll look fresh and beautiful all day.

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